Groud Frank

Is 'Groud' your real name?


What does your name mean?

Would you believe me if I told you I don't know? The genuinely wonderful people I was begotten of don't seem to know either. I know that might sound strange but do you know who else doesn't know the meaning of my name? Google. Trust me, I've tried. Google use to respond with:
Did you mean: Ground
Now it tells me "A mathematical generalization of a group", whatever that means.
Nonetheless I appreciate the uniqueness of it. There are lots of Toms, Dicks and Harrys out there but I'm willing to bet you've never met a Groud before. I'm a rare breed.
Plus it's kinda nice not having to compromise on my web handles with underscores or numbers (@GroudFrank, groudfrank@gmail.com, medium.com/@groudfrank, etc).

What's your marital status?

Waiting for a miracle.

Do you have kids?

I am the proud father of an 9 year old cat. No.

What's your greatest strength?

My ability to push through as well as manage mentally and physically challenging activities. Some call it grit, others call it resilience. I call it the grace of God.

What's your greatest weakness?

I doubt myself too much and allow fear(of rejection and failure) to dictate too much of my life. I also don't question myself enough when negative thoughts appear. I tend to assume a thought is true and run with it. I'm working on that.

Effective time management is also an issue for me. I'm working on that too.

What's your calling in life?

I don't think my calling is anything career related. My calling in life is to be a decent human being not to be a web developer, fireman, baker or even a candlestick maker. Don't misunderstand me, there is nothing wrong with passionately choosing a career. Our personalities and temperaments generally point us to certain fields and our jobs can change people's lives for the better but the kind of change we effect comes from who we are and not necessarily what we do.

What do you want your legacy to be?

I'm honestly not very concerned with leaving a legacy. The universe is approximately 13.7 billion years old and the earth is appromixmately 4.5 billion. Humans have been here for approximately 200,000 years and I am 28 years old. Given the scale of the universe(size and age) it's kinda pointless trying to leave a legacy behind.

I want my "legacy" to be obedience to God. If I aim for that then I may be pleasing in the eyes of God and may, in the process, leave a legacy behind but if I aim for leaving a legacy on earth I may end up not achieving either of those things.

I see this life as a transition, as preparation. This life is the airport terminal, not the final destination. For me it doesn't make sense to take my plans here too seriously because none of us are promised tomorrow and we are all on borrowed time.
I'm not saying that we shouldn't plan or put our best foot forward in this life. We should! We must! I'm just say it's pointless living like the terminal is home - as if we will be here forever.

TL:DR My concern ought to be living for God, not crafting a legacy.

Who is your favorite historical figure?

Diogenese of Sinope. The most interesting troll in all of antiquity. You should read about him.

Who has the biggest influence in your life?


What piece of advice would you give to people?

Beware the emptiness of a busy life
- Socrates

If we're too busy for prayer/meditation/spiritual growth, exercise, cooking a meal, reading a good book, calling relatives, spending time with our kids or spouse then we are too busy. There are more than enough hours during the day. If we don't have enough then it's either we try to do too much or we mismanage the time we have.

What's your most controversial opinion?

Game of Thrones is rubbishs.

What's the biggest challenge you've ever faced?

That's actually an on going battle. It's a battle against myself - a battle against 'the self' so to speak. Who knew seeking to console before being consoled, seeking to understand before being understood and seeking to love before being loved would be so hard? I am selfish and putting others before myself is something I struggle with. Having a 'self' means that there is always the risk of it wanting to be first, even before God. It's not easy waging war against 'the self' but it must be done if I am to truly love. I suspect it will be a war I'll be waging for the rest of my life.

What is your mantra?

Be vulnerable!

I strongly believe that being vulnerable is a major sign that someone is truly living life fully. We spend crazy amounts of money on plane tickets and self-help/wellness retreats thinking the only way we can experience life and find ourselves is by having a wellness coach scream hippy newage jargon at us or by traveling - attempting to purchase enlightenment, happiness and a sense of fulfillment through adventure and expensive pep talks. Yet we leave on a plane one way and come back the same people with the same bad habits, mental and otherwise. We live like clams but pretend to be eagles. Being vulnerable, opening up to people and eventually to rejection, hurt and disappointment can teach us our most valuable life lessons and can be a catalyst for meaningful change in our lives. Trials of hurt or any other kind for that matter can be transformative, even liberating, if we allow them to be. When we wall ourselves away we will never get hurt but we too will never grow and never be truly free - never truly adventurous.

How long have you been a developer?

I started learning Web Development in 2015. Started talking it more seriously in 2016. This is actually, my first website. Build from scratch!

What do you love most about being a developer?

That's a tough one. What I love most is the feeling I get from resolving an error or bug after hours(sometimes days) of frustration and failure. I learn a lot about coding this way.

What's your favorite programming language?

Ooooo... that's a close race between Python and JavaScript but I think JavaScript would come out on top. JavaScript does have its quirks for sure:

'' == '0' //false
0 == '' //true
0 == '0' //true

Taken from JavaScript: The Good Parts by Douglas Crockford

Despite the fact that 0 can be equal to two things that don't equal each other I think JavaScript is beautiful. It's beautiful in the same way a pug is so ugly it's adorable.

What's your least favorite language?

That would probably be PHP.
"It has all the hassle of C and C++ and all the performance of ALTAIR Basic " - Mark Rendle.

What's your favorite thing about web development?

Developing design concepts in my head and bringing them to life digitally. The journey from abstract to reification is frustrating but rewarding.

What's is your least favorite thing about web development?

The process of ensuring a consistent design ethos across the insane amount of media and device variables. You have to make sure your websites looks good on Chrome, FireFox, Safari, IE, etc - make sure they look good in Linux, MacOS, Windows, etc - make sure they are optmized for mobile devices - and make sure you account for different display sizes, resolutions and aspect ratios. What might look good on FireFox for Windows might look awful on Safari for MacOS. Different browsers and rendering engines implement web standards different and it can be frustrating trying to please all these different variables while retaining fidelity to your original design ideas. It's a lot of work and is very tedious.

What's your favorite Linux distro?

Any distro that gives me access to pacman and the AUR so basically any Arch distro like Manjaro or Antergos BESIDES Arch proper. I just want to get my system up and get to work coding and watching cat videos on YouTube.

What's your favorite Desktop Environemt?

It use to be a close call between Unity and Gnome Shell but now it's just Gnome Shell. R.I.P Unity.

Do you workout?

I hate gyms so I mostly run. I run 10 Kilometers a day, 5 days a week with 3 out of those 5 days being allocated to road runs and the last 2 for sand runs. I try to get some modest swimming in also.

What about your eating habbits?

Thaaaaaat leaves a lot to be desired. I definitely don't pigout, I try to maintain a balanced diet and I've cut back on my added sugar intake but there is still lots of room for improvement. I have a weakness for fries and sugary foods.